Landscape Photography

We live in a world of natural wonder, a natural world that has motivated photographers from Henry Fox Talbot, Edward Weston, P.H. Emmerson through to Ansel Adams. The class will review the works of these great landscape photographers as well as other prominent artists and discuss their impact on landscape photography and photographers in general.

The course will also explore the definition of landscape, look at the craftsmanship and art of photographing landscape in colour or black and white and at translating the narrative and documentary elements of landscape into evocative images.

The effects of light and weather, camera position, relationships of elements and choice of lenses will be covered as well as a look at the practical aspects of shooting in the field.

The concepts of light and composition will also be studied.


Participants will learn to identify the landscape photographic opportunities in different locations and improve their understanding and apprecition of photography.


A basic understanding their film or digital camera's functions and a keen interest in landscape photography.

Course duration:

Three classes of three hours - a total of nine hours: Alice Springs, Northern Territory.

Course Fee:

$295.00 including gst.

Refreshments provided.

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