Photojournalism and Documentary Photography

This course addresses the skills and techniques of the photojournalist - the art of telling stories through photographs. Photojournalism has been one of the most evocative mediums of communication in the 20th century, beginning with the great photographic essays of W.Eugene Smith,................

A documentary photograph may be as public as a picture in a magazine or as private as an intimate view of a loved one. On cursory inspection a good documentary photograph may seem little more than a snapshot, but under more careful scrutiny it generally reveals itself to be a visual representation of a deeply felt moment, as rich in psychological and emotional meaning as a personal experience vividly recalled.

A nature scene, if made with sensitivity and skill, can be more than a literal record of a beautiful scene. The photograph can convey ideas beyond the two-dimensional, black and white or colour image of the shadows and light. The scene before the lens was reality, but the photographer can make his camera’s rendering of the scene generate another reality, deeper and perhaps more important – he can introduce comment. .....................

It provides clear representation of what the eye sees but does not always notice...................


Participants will learn to tell the story in pictures - the photo essay and to appreciate the visual value of the world around them.


A good understanding of photography and the operation of your camera along with a keen interest in improving your photographic skills.

Course duration:

One evening per week for four weeks - 6pm - 9:30pm.


$480.00 including gst.

Refreshments provided.

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